Working for peace, EU-Africa relations and migrants’ rights’

I started working with the European Parliament in 2019 when #TogetherEU started as part of Team Europe. Together with a group of volunteers, we organised a host of activities and started planning projects in different areas, including migration, sustainability, disinformation, and Brexit.

When COVID-19 came along, Eugenio and Carlos, the campaign coordinators in Spain, made sure we stayed active by calling for solidarity in Europe, coming up with questions for the SOTEU, and sitting in on the judging panel for the Charlemagne Awards and meeting MEPs. 

The Liaison Office is always ready to work together with us and help us with all our proposals. I am a founding member of an organisation focusing on relations between Europe and Africa, and I’m also involved in various organisations and initiatives in areas outside of European affairs. When we write to ask for your cooperation, we always get a YES. I’m a migrants’ rights activist and I thought that, with all the tension surrounding the issue, the Liaison Office might no longer be there for me, but they are always there to lend a hand. 

Thanks to the #TogetherEU campaign, I am no longer afraid. I’d always had plenty of get up and go, but I was afraid that, because of the colour of my skin, my gender, or my desire for change, I wouldn’t be able to be what I wanted to be. It gave me confidence to be able to work with the European Parliament, to organise conferences in its buildings, to be part of its initiatives, and to see that there is a place for us all there. Experiencing the EU first hand, understanding everything it does, and feeling that I am contributing to European integration, has made me into a passionate pro-European, and I want to share with everyone my firm belief that ‘more Europe’ is the answer.