Europe Talk - The European Union in 2023:

a dream under construction?

Τρίτη 19 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023 7:00 μ.μ. 9:30 μ.μ.

The European Union faces multiple challenges at the same time. Tackling the climate crisis by making the way we produce and live more sustainable. Positioning Europe more forcefully in the global competition for resources and political influence, while a war is raging on our continent. Boosting European production, whilst protecting our companies, workers and environment. Defending our democracies, rule of law and fundamental rights. Preparing for a possible enlargement of the European Union.

A couple of months before Belgium takes over the EU presidency and with the EU elections in June 2024, the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium, the Liaison Office of the European Parliament in Belgium​​​​​ and Bozar are delighted to invite you for a debate with Ivan Krastev (Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies) and Paolo Gentiloni (European Commissioner for Economy) about the state of the European Union: how is the EU responding to current challenges? Which Europe do we want, for the years and decades to come? Can we build our dream?


Other panel members are Sara Matthieu (Member of the European Parliament), Fatima Zibouh (co-commissioner of Brussels2030), Mathieu Segers (Maastricht University) and Amir Bachrouri (chair of the Flemish Youth Council) and Annelies Beck (VRT, moderator). Lisette Ma Neza (slam poet) will perform as well.

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