Workshop: The recipe for storytelling

vineri 16 iunie 2023 13:00 14:30

The recipe for storytelling
Learn the professional techniques for telling amazing stories in less than 2 minutes or in 2000 characters.
Iveta & Javier will share with you the ingredients and tools they use in the production of podcasts and audio-visual testimonies for the My House of European History platform.

The webinar starts today at 13:00 (Brussels time). ->Click here to join the meeting<-

Workshop: The recipe for storytelling
While it's not mandatory, we encourage participants to come to the workshop already with a story in mind – whether it's a personal experience or a family member's account of witnessing historical milestones in Europe, or experiences from living abroad. Iveta and Javier will guide you through storytelling and bring your story to life that will create a lasting impact.

P.S. In July Iveta offers another online workshop about journalistic interview techniques. Find out what you need to know in order to ask the right questions. If you are curious to learn what this webinar has to offer, register here