Marbella 2023 - 18th National Session of the European Youth Parliament España

Europe in bloom: a voyage towards a flourishing future

miercuri 27 septembrie 2023 00:00
marți 3 octombrie 2023 00:00

Marbella 2023 will gather over 170 young participants from diverse countries and cultural backgrounds to discuss current issues Europe faces in a parliamentary setting. The challenges this project aims to address are: detachment of young Europeans in politics, apathy, lack of intercultural competence, absence of experience-based learning in formal education, and the need for a platform for youngsters to express their opinions. To combat these challenges, the project’s objectives are to promote young people’s active citizenship and foster European values, enable dialogue between young people and decision-makers, promote intercultural understanding and introduce participants to volunteering. The project prepares young participants for active participation in democracy, and enables them to acquaint themselves with the EU, and how it functions. Our project will involve decision-makers stakeholders, and the resolutions will be also brought to the attention of members the European Parliament.

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