Designing a youth inclusive future for Africans and Europeans

sábado 22 de outubro de 2022 09:30
domingo 23 de outubro de 2022 20:00

Last February, the Heads of State or Government of the Member States of the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU) met for the sixth European Union-African Union Summit in Brussels. ''A new, forward-looking and ambitious spirit emerged that must be the foundation of this special partnership between Europe and Africa'' (Charles Michel, President of the European Council). The goal of the partnership is to achieve solidarity between the AU and EU in these categories: security, peace, sustainable development and prosperity. We, as the GAP (Young Activists for Participation) in agreement and with the collaboration and active participation of the youth associations working on the partnership between the two continents, such as Y-IDEA (Youth for Intra-Dialogue on Europe and Africa) and others, in the occasion inter alia of the European Youth Year, believe that it is essential to also include the voice of young Europeans, Africans and the Diaspora in the relations between the two Unions. The strong conviction that Africa is an increasingly important player on the international scene compels the European institutions to look to the African continent as an indispensable partner and a valuable ally in multilateral instances, in order to face common issues and challenges. The assistentialism that has characterized past decisions must give way to proactive and creative shared choices in the economic and social contexts. Africa must be seen as an equal and active partner to give their own citizens a prosperous and harmonious future. Indeed, we request the EU and AU to develop common efficient policies that integrate the two continents. TARGET - - - - For the reasons mentioned above, we decided to organize a conference where young people, who make-up the majority of the African by far, can be protagonists alongside the European youth and can discuss the state of EU-AU relations. We want to include the youth aged between 15-35 years, who are interested in shaping and changing the narrative of the role of young people in the political space. We also aim to target youth as well as youth groups, who want to have a seat at the decision-making table of the African and European relationship. As inclusivity is very important to us, we want to include people from diverse and minority backgrounds to better reflect society. GOALS - - - - This can be achieved by putting forward their own demands, starting with the need to include civil society and youth representatives in the official mechanisms in charge of implementing and monitoring the decisions taken during the Summit. In addition, we want to build a common narrative upon the achievements of the European Youth Event and the May Civil Society Days that brought together stakeholders from both continents. EXPECTED RESULTS - - - - - - - - - As a concrete outcome, we wish to permanently synergize the youth work and events on the Africa-Europe partnership with the view of being inserted in the follow-up mechanis

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