Building the Europe We Want

otrdiena 2021. gada 6. jūlijs 17:30 19:00
2 rue Henri Barbusse, 13001 Marseille
46 Dalībnieki
 Building the Europe we want


  • 17:30       Introduction by Dr Mario Sammut, Head EPLO Valletta

  • 17:35       The Conference of the Future of Europe explained, Ms Ingrid Godkin, Cabinet of Vice-President  Dubravka Šuica

  • 17:45       The Role of the European Parliament in the Conference, MEP Josianne Cutajar 

  • 17:55       The Value of Community and Engagement, Mr Jean-Paul Zammit, Chairperson, and Ms Claire Gafa,  Malta Association for Community Development 

  • 18:05       Introducing the Factsheets and Ways of Working with them, Ms Elaine Cordina, Public Relations Officer, EPLO Valletta 

  • 18:10       Brainstorming

  • 18:50       Conclusions


Much has already been said about the Conference of the Future of Europe, but where can you fit in?  

If you have a strong opinion about a particular issue or an idea on how to improve a particular situation, join us on the 6th July to discuss ways in which your voice too can be heard. 

We will be meeting up with experts and youth in the field of engagement and advocacy who will be sharing tips with us on why getting involved is important and how to get involved. 

We will also be launching a series of factsheets on the various topics being discussed during the Conference that will help you reflect and discuss one or all areas in more depth. 

Hope to see you there!