"My work, my rights"

Impacts of EU Trade Agreements in the Global South on labour rights

martedì 7 febbraio 2023 15:00 16:30

This event is part of a series of online International Youth Dialogues, organised by the Young Fair Trade Advocates. This series of webinars will discuss the impacts of EU Trade Agreements in the Global South. During this first session, we will focus on labour rights and welcome three speakers from the Global South: - Jorge Acosta (Ecuador), Union leader Trade Union of Agricultural Workers and Farmers (ASTAC) and human rights defender - Enrique Daza (Colombia), member of Colombia Domestic Advisory Group - Ana Romero Cano (Peru), Member of Peru Domestic Advisory Group This event is hosted by the Young Fair Trade Advocates (YFTA) and moderated by YFTAs Maria Laura Helguero, Rocio Domingo Ramos, Sara Rentroia, and Simon Guérin-Sanz.

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