will be essential for the European Year of Youth!

I found out about via social media. The way they communicated about Europe really appealed to me and I signed up to be part of the community as soon as I found out about it.

My first activity was a videoconference with lots of civil society organisations, and I took the opportunity to present myself and showcase Talento para el Futuro (Talent for the Future). At the time, we were in the early days of our Talento adventure, but Parliament welcomed us with open arms and helped us at every turn.

Since then, we haven’t stopped putting on activities and carrying out projects with they’ve worked with us and the European Commission on the famous “Cafés con Europa” (Coffees with Europe), we have taken part – as both speakers and listeners – in a number of debates on the future of the EU and we have served as members of the panel for European Citizen’s Prize 2021.

This year, the European Year of Youth 2022, will be key to mobilising as many young people as possible and connecting them with Europe. will definitely play an essential role in that connection, and at Talento para el Futuro, we are at your service for anything you might need.

Álvaro, volunteer and director of Talento Europa