How to make people fall in love with Europe? Countering populism through behavioural science (copy)

tisdag 15 juni 2021 10:30 12:00
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This workshop aims to give you some tips and tricks on how to better engage with Europeans during the events-discussions on the topics of the Conference on the Future of Europe  and how to create a positive story about the future of Europe.  

During this workshop Tom De Bruyne, who is co-Founder of SUE Behavioural Design, will help you to find answers to the challenging questions:

Why is it that populists always seem to have an edge when it comes to influencing perceptions, thoughts, believes and emotions? 

And why is it that we have such a difficult time to engage people for a positive story about Europe? 

It sometimes feels like we're bringing steak knives to a gunfight. The short answer is that they use powerful psychological framing techniques. In this workshop we will look at this craft and use it to better frame Europe.


Tom De Bruyne is co-Founder of SUE Behavioural Design, an Amsterdam-based Behavioural Design Consultancy. His company organises behavioural design sprints for brands, organisations government and politicians around the globe to win customers, get voters, inspire giving and citizenship.  SUE works in front and behind the screens for organizations as UNHCR, Heineken, Amnesty, Oxfam, Clinclowns, several departments at the Dutch Government, Sony Music, Rabobank, ABN AMRO bank, Randstad, Talpa Radio and the Dutch Liberal Party VVD and the Belgian Socialist Party, amongst many others. Tom is Tedx speaker, leading columnist in the leading Dutch Marketing Magazine Adformatie. He’s also an elected Fellow at the Economics Department of the University of Leuven in Belgium.