Europos dienos proga – maršrutas po Vilnių

fredag 7 maj 2021 00:00
söndag 9 maj 2021 23:55

Let's walk together on Europe Day!

On Europe Day – 9 May – European Parliament Liaison Office in Lithuania is inviting you to take a walk around Vilnius and see the places that witnessed the country's road to the European Union.

Do you know who was responsible for Lithuania's accession negotiations with the EU? What do cepelinai (a traditional Lithuanian dish) have in common with the accession referendum? Have you had a chance to use the ATM from which the first euro banknote in the country was withdrawn? What is the link between the famous dissident Andrei Sakharov, Lithuania and Europe? Have you seen Vilnius University in Brussels? All of these questions will be answered during your walk in Vilnius – whether you choose to walk physically of virtually.

You will find the 6 km-long route under the title "Europe Day Route in Vilnius" in the mobile app #walk15. The route is composed of 14 locations. Two of them are farther away from the main route – if you wish to see those places, be ready to walk 10 km in total. In order to learn the story of the locations, press the button in the app and listen to the audio guide in English or Lithuanian (depending on the selected route). If you are in a hurry or do not want to get tired, you can always read the stories first and visit the locations later. The same route is also available on the platform of Neakivaizidinis Vilnius in Lithuanian.

English and Lithuanian routes available

There are two routes available on the #walk15 app – a Lithuanian one (Europos dienos maršrutas po Vilnių) and an English one (Europe Day Route in Vilnius). Both provide textual description of the locations in English and Lithuanian, so for those who like to read, there is no difference. However, if you prefer to listen to the audio guide, select the route in the language you need.

How to access the route?

If you have the #walk15 app installed on your mobile, press here to access the route with the English audio guide. For the route with the Lithuanian audio, press here.

If you don't have the #walk15 app:

Download and install the #walk15 app from Google PlayApp Store or Huawei Appgallery;

Open the app and tap on the location pin symbol in the bottom bar. Type 

Europe Day in the bar Trasos. Press Ieškoti trasų and open the route suggested in the search window.

The route is also available in Lithuanian on the platform of Neakivaizdinis Vilnius here.

Have a nice walk!

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