Webinar on “Gender Tool: Gender-responsive communication in RHC sector”

torek 05. julij 2022 10:00 11:30
2 rue Henri Barbusse, 13001 Marseille

To practice and implement more gender tools, in this next webinar of the W4RES project, we will be talking about gender-responsive communication as an important gender tool. Communication is a core part of our life since any form of interaction with other people is communication. The words, pictures or expressions we use convey a certain message and that message should always be inclusive and free of stereotypes. For that, gender-responsive communication is a great gender tool to reach more gender equality. It can be implemented in your life and workplace with little effort but make a big difference! That’s why you should join our upcoming webinar n°3, where we will introduce you to the basics of gender-responsive communication. The webinar will explain different types and spheres of communication to be aware and conscious of when working on your communication strategy and will provide and discuss different visual and language examples as well as recommendations for gender-responsive communication. In the end, some first tips will be given on where to start in order to make sure your communication style is gender-responsive.

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