Engaging Citizens, Shaping Europe

giovedì 22 luglio 2021 17:00 19:00
25 Partecipanti

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Engaging Citizens, Shaping Europe

What are the values that make up the EU? What are your rights as an EU citizen? Does your opinion matter and can it make a difference? 

These are the questions we will be tackling in this event, also in the context of the ongoing Conference of the Future of Europe, where values and rights have also been identified as key topics for debate on the citizens' platform: 




To do this, we have teamed up with an Erasmus Project entitled "Future Planners", which is targeted at  young people in particular but also others who may occupy decision-making positions in the future to help build a society that is more inclusive, as well as a more human-centred urban development. We will also explore avenues  such as the European Citizen's Initiative and look at how these issues are also tied to the ongoing Conference for the Future of Europe. 

If you are interested please register to book a place  at Valletta Cluster on the 22 July at 17:00.