Beyond the Influence: A Drug Awareness Campaign’

teisipäev 5. jaanuar 2021 17:00 18:00
2 rue Henri Barbusse, 13001 Marseille

The ‘Drugs, the Law and the Justice System’ panel discussion is the first from a series of Panel Discussions as part of a drug awareness campaign titled ‘Beyond the Influence: A Drug Use Awareness Campaign’, which shall be discussing the topic of drug use from four different perspectives. This event shall be based on the current Maltese and European legislation, Member State competence in the sphere of public health legislation within the EU, the law enforcement system, the judicial system in the realm of drugs in Malta and in cooperation within the EU, with a further discussion on enhancing such aspects with respect to drug issues in the EU, particularly in Malta. Moreover, special focus will also be given to discuss the criminal justice system and illicit drug activity in Europe especially in Malta, and how one may ameliorate the system to reduce illicit drug activity.

Should you wish to follow the following panel discussions and the whole campaign, all information shall be found on KSU’s Facebook Page and Website