Join the EU-staff at the Brussels Pride

Pride Parade

lørdag 20. maj 2023 14.00 18.00
Join the European institutions and their staff at Pride.
We will have a float with performers, DJs and will call on all spectators to make themselves heard by sharing their Pride messages. These messages will be broadcasted by means of performance and screens.

The parade
The float of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Brussels and Egalité, the association for LGBTI+ staff working within the EU institutions, literally gives a voice to the citizens. All the participants of the parade will have the opportunity to share their Pride message. These messages will be vocalised during the parade by BRYN, a Brussels based pop singer-songwriter and displayed on screens on the float and in the EU stand in the Pride village. DJs ZOEY HASSELBANK and HANNELORE will bring the rights vibes for people to dance and celebrate.

Meeting point
Rue Ravenstein - 1000 Brussels (look for the EU-flags!)
The Parade departs at 14h