Ukrainian Vibes Tour 2023 - Saxony (DE)

Discuss with us in the Europe-Dome!

Ukrainian Vibes is a project that aims to bring Ukrainian and EU citizens closer together, and share perspectives on European values, as well as support processes of democratisation and the potential for sustainable development in Ukraine. This year’s main focus is on the relation between Ukraine and the EU: we want to bring attention to the question of European identity, values and how it is related to and seen by Ukraine and its people. Additionally, we will focus on citizen participation in Ukraine and Europe, and the different ways the continent is moving forward towards a greener future. During our tour through different cities in the region of Saxony (GER) we will have discussions on these exact topics, collect people’s ideas on how they imagine the future of Europe to be, all with the goal of bringing together the perspectives of the people living in Saxony, Ukrainians living abroad, and everybody who is interested in shaping the future of Europe and support processes of dialogue, democracy, and civic participation in the European public sphere. The discussions will be held in English. We are looking forward to meeting you! This event is part of YEUF, a project co-financed by the European Union

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